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Man Claims His Cat and Dog Are In Sexual Relationship


Jerry Hartman said his puppy, Jack, and his adult cat, Sparkles, have been engaged in a steamy sexual relationship for the last two months. The affair apparently started when Hartman came home one day to find his dog and cat doing it “human style” — i.e., missionary position.


“Jack was penetrating Sparkles on the sofa,” Hartman said. “I didn’t think it was possible for dogs and cats to screw, but they were screwing alight. And Sparkles was into it: head laid back, eyes closed, tongue hanging out and drooling like a damned dog. Jack was just hammering away like a pro.”

Other times Hartman has watched the animals perform oral sex.

“Sparkles will lay back, spread her legs and Jack will lick her vadge. They’ve even done 69 a few times. It’s kind of gross, but who am I to get in the way of love? And, really, I’m proud of my dog for getting laid, even if it is with a cat. Lord knows I can’t — I’m still a virgin at 48.”

Hartman said the animals also sleep together inside Jack’s doghouse and eat out of the same bowl he fills with both puppy chow and cat food.

Hartman plans to cash in on the strange behavior. He’s been photographing the odd couple in various sexual acts with plans to release a photo calendar on Ebay.

“I think people will love having photos of my cat and dog getting busy hanging on their walls,” Hartman said. “For the month of December I’m going to do a fun Christmas photo. Dress Jack up as Santa Clause and Sparkles up as Mrs. Clause and photograph them doing it doggystyle.”

(Special thanks to John Edsall for hooking us up with this crazy interview with Mr. Hartman)

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