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This is an alleged propaganda video from Islamic terrorist group ISIS. They tell the United States and other countries to BRING IT ON. Please pass this along as we think it’s important that the world see how this group is operating.

A Manhattan woman is suing her 12-year-old nephew after he jumped into her arms welcoming her to his eighth birthday party. Jennifer Connell, the aunt, claims her nephew acted unreasonably as his exuberant welcoming went too far, knocking her to the ground and breaking her wrist back in 2011. Connell

We stumbled across this madness on Tumblr. We know eating disorders are a problem, but is this really a way to combat them? In an attempt to fight anorexia, one woman is on a mission to persuade social media sites to ban all images of skinny women wearing bikinis and

SANTA MONICA — Saffron Jones is taking a street psychic to court for making “horrible predictions” that she says changed her life forever. Jones found the street psychic, Monica Star, on Santa Monica Pier seven months ago and paid her $3 for what she thought would be a fun and positive

A lot of stupid rumors float around social media… but this is the funniest and dumbest one I’ve ever seen. Sure, corporations do a lot of evil stuff from slave labor to exploiting the environment, but no way is Microsoft engaged in this….

Firefighters were called out to a field in Northamptonshire, England after a cow got its head stuck in a green lawn chair. “Not a clever mooooove,” one Twitter user said. “I’m not sure why it did it,” the cow’s owner said. “It’s never wedged its head in an lawn chair before. It’s

LOS ANGELES, CA — A Lake Elisnore man decided it would be a good idea to wrap a 4-foot-long rattlesnake around his neck and take selfies with it. 36-year-old Alex Gomez found the poisonous snake when he was walking around a field behind his home. “I was taking it off

DANBURY, Connecticut — NBC New York reported that a 77-year-old man was pushing a shopping cart holding cans and bottles down a street when he was grabbed from behind in a ‘bear hug’ and thrown into a white van. The kidnapper, David Pope, took the man to his house, tied

SPRINGFIELD, MO – Lacy Peterson was arrested on suspicion of driving while intoxicated, child endangerment and property damage earlier this week. Green County deputies found Peterson slumped over her steering wheel at South Campbell Avenue at Plainview Road with her seven-month-old sitting unbuckled in the car seat. A witness told

ALBUQUERQUE, New Mexico – On July 11, police said a homeless man was sleeping alongside a road when a couple drove by in an SUV and threw fireworks on him, setting him on fire. Now, police have arrested 31-year-old Joshua Benavidez and 31-year-old Irene Enriquez for aggravated battery with great