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SARASOTA, Florida — According to police, Reliford Cooper III, 26, was arrested in Manatee County after a deputy saw him speeding. The deputy attempted to pull Cooper over, but he took off, swerving into oncoming traffic, driving into two ditches. The car eventually stopped when he ran into a house.

Several great Florida Man misadventures this week. We started with the 91-year-old man who shot at landscapers for getting grass on his car. Now we have this one. Jason Tackett, 38, tried suffocating his live-in girlfriend after he caught her reading her ex-boyfriend’s obituary. The couple, who have only been

AVON PARK, Fla. — A 91-year-old man, Max Horton, has been charged with attempted murder after threatening to kill and shooting at a landscaper who apparently got lawn clippings on his his white 1987 Cadillac, according to Highlands County Sheriff’s Office arrest report. Horton yelled at the landscaper, “That’s a

TAMPA, Florida – Ashton Black said he was just a normal guy working at Ace Cash Express when The Devil approached the counter where he stood late one night. “Satan was about 10 foot tall, had huge 12 inch horns, was red,” Black said. “He told me he wanted to

ORLANDO, Florida — A fight between two Florida men broke in in the deli aisle of a Publix Monday night. A video catches the fight already in progress. In the background a child cries. A worker is heard saying, “Guys, come on.” A woman shouts, “I’m calling the police!” And

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – A Daytona Beach man, Ronald Lynn, 52, was arrested Tuesday morning telling police he had an “addiction to liking kids.” Lynn admitted he had downloaded child pornography on many occasions and shared photos and videos with other pedophiles on peer-to-peer file sharing programs. Police seized computers, DVDs,

JACKSONVILLE, Florida – Jeff Waters walked into a Bank of America Monday morning and attempted to cash a check for $368,000,000,000 dollars. The check Waters had written to ‘Cash’ was reportedly from U.S. Bank of Idaho and issued in the 90s. Tellers at the Jacksonville bank were immediately suspicious. Check

MELBOURNE BEACH, Fla. WFTV received multiple emails about the photo of a tattooed Florida hipster sitting on top of a sea turtle on Melbourne beach. It is illegal to ‘haze’ protected animals and especially stupid to allow somebody to take photos of you doing so as they’ll obviously end up all over social

BOCA RATON, Fla. — Monica Felzer, 35, crashed into the back of another car near State Road 7 Tuesday night. The other driver told Felzer that she hit the car, but Felzer denied it and drove away. The other driver followed her and called police who eventually stopped Felzer. When Felzer

MIMS, Fla. — Police said a man wanted to check if there was a bullet still in the chamber of his gun, so he put it to his head and pulled the trigger. Authorities say 49-year-old Charles Cooper shot himself at 1:50 a.m. Sunday during a weekend fishing trip and