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Confused meth head chews out a stuffed white teddy bear and then proceeds to beat it up. Somebody appears to be referencing a neighborhood in the video. Not sure what part of the country this “beating” went down in. Probably Florida. Or Oklahoma. Maybe Texas? Regardless, more proof that you

This was sent into us. Email: “I saw this fat lady taking a dump in the middle of the freeway. I was driving by and got off one shot. She yelled at me to ‘mind my own business!’ but, when you take a crap in broad daylight, it unfortunately becomes

Everybody has different opinions on abortion and we can respect that, but this superficial hooker put a nose job above her unborn child’s life. Josie Cunningham, 25, is a British wannabe pornstar who had an abortion at 12 weeks after doctors refused to perform a nose job while she was

Ahhh, Craiglist, you crazy, crazy bastard. You never cease to offer up weirdness. I thought the man trying to find a woman to fart in his mouth was great. This advertisement may be better. Look Ma, no hands!!

NORTH CAROLINA — A North Carolina woman said she has now found true happiness after fulfilling a lifelong dream of becoming blind. Jewel Shuping, 30, apparently has something called Body Integrity Identity Disorder which causes able-bodied people to believe they are meant to be disabled. Same sort of thing as

Okay, this is Not Safe For Work. If your boss happens to be walking by and you need a quick out, CLICK HERE. Now, onto these gross lovebirds… at least go into the bushes, you idiots!! It’s BROAD DAYLIGHT. Have some shame!! Children could be watching!!

As we all know, Craigslist is a goldmine for insane stuff. This guy put up one of the weirdest ads of all-time. I can’t imagine he got any real responses, but you never know these days. CL ad transcript: I want a big beautiful Mexican lady here in Detroit to

Every day social media is filled with so much stupidity that we have a tough time choosing which to feature for all of us to laugh at. This girl posted an ad (visible below) on Facebook auctioning her boyfriend off. This winner gets him for 24 hours. Bidding starts at

If you’re going to do this at your job in a public place, you deserve to get humiliated on the Internet.