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Girl Selling Her Boyfriend to the Highest Bidder

Every day social media is filled with so much stupidity that we have a tough time choosing which to feature for all of us to laugh at. This girl posted an ad (visible below) on Facebook auctioning her boyfriend off. This winner gets him for 24 hours. Bidding starts at $100. NO REFUNDS.


We contacted her through Facebook and she agreed to a short interview.

Moron.com: How is the bidding going?

Tam Peters: Right now we’re at $300. But I’m going to extend the bidding for another 30 days. I’d like to get to $200,000.

Your boyfriend is obviously okay with this?

Tam Peters: We need the cash, so yeah.

Moron.com: I noticed he has a chest tattoo that reads Lexie. Is that your real name?

Tam Peters: Nah, that’s his ex-girlfriend. Once we get the cash we going to have a heart put over Lexie and my name inside the heart.

Moron.com: Is he required to have sex with whomever wins the bidding?

Tam Peters: No. But I don’t care if he does. He’s a banger in bed. Some lucky girl or guy is going to love him. He has a huge penis. 15 inches. You don’t gotta use a condom with him either. He currently got no STDs.

Moron.com: What else will he be able do with the winning bidder?

Tam Peters: Anything the winner wants. He’s fun to go to the mall with. Good at cuddling. He knows a lot about sports and history and fishing.

Moron.com: Where are you located? Can anybody in the world make a bid?

Tam Peters: We’re in Alabama. I don’t care who bids so long as they come here. Or, I guess, if they want to take him some other state or country for 24 hours they just gotta pay for his flight. People also gotta pay for his food and all activities for the 24 hours they got him.

You can make your bid to spend a day with Tam’s boyfriend by emailing her: tampeters91@gmail.com.

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