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Girl upset school sent her home for wearing “inappropriate clothes”

Every day Facebook provides us with facepalming idiocy. I have no idea what the kids are wearing these days, but I do know you can’t go to school dressed liked a trashy stripper.


In case it’s hard to read on mobile, here is a transcription of what she posted along with her photo:

I got sent home from my high school today because I wore this to class. They told me it was “highly inappropriate”. You know what I find “highly inappropriate”? That I as an 18-year-old independent student cannot dress freely and express myself how I feel comfortable without being called “inappropriate”, a “distraction” or, and this one REALLY gets me, a “dumb thot” — you cannot even spell “thought” properly yet I am the dumb one?!

I am more comfortable when I am less dressed. I learn better when I am more comfortable. I should not be oppressed for wearing something as dumb as a simple crop top.

SHARE if girls should be allowed to wear WHATEVER THEY WANT to school….it is school, not a church house!!!!

While we’re at it. Check out this dummy. “What cup do u tvink I am?” Maybe she should have done a quiet Google search to find out the info instead of publicly asking her Facebook friends.


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