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Like eating a lot? Hate dieting? Exercise a bother? Now you can pound those 20 Big Macs worry-free thanks to the AspireAssist®. This device literally sucks the food from your stomach before the food is processed into calories. Here’s how it works: You have a permanent hole cut into your

MOUNTAIN VIEW, California – Dale Burgdorf doesn’t enjoy having to leave his desk to use the bathroom. So Burgdorf wears an adult diaper and just does his business right where he sits. He also doesn’t enjoy the restrictive feel of pants — so he doesn’t wear them. Above: Dale Burgdorf

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Renegade geneticist Frank Anderson told the San Francisco Weekly that attractive women are the most desirable animal on the planet and that we need more of them. “Most human beings are extremely ugly,” Anderson said. “I’m so sick of looking at them. Hot women make the world so

The United States and China are in serious talks to build a 288 lane tunnel from San Francisco to Shanghai. This will be the greatest engineering feat in the history of humankind taking eighteen years to construct and, if approved, opening spring of 2035. “This is a great opportunity for