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Guy Wears Diapers and No Pants At Work

MOUNTAIN VIEW, California –

Dale Burgdorf doesn’t enjoy having to leave his desk to use the bathroom. So Burgdorf wears an adult diaper and just does his business right where he sits. He also doesn’t enjoy the restrictive feel of pants — so he doesn’t wear them.


Above: Dale Burgdorf at his desk

Burgdorf works in a home office with his wife and one junior programmer. His company builds custom websites for Mexican restaurants and, once he gets into a project, he refuses to be bothered.

“I’m a git-r-done kind of guy,” Burgdorf said. “I lock onto a project like a pit bull locks onto somebody’s leg. I won’t quit until the project I’m working on is finsihed. Going to the bathroom, or going somewhere to eat, wrecks my concentration. So I eat and use the bathroom at my desk.”

Burgdorf’s wife, once shocked by her husband’s odd behavior, has now accepted it.

“I deliver his lunch right to his desk,” Sheila Burgdorf said. “He loves peanut butter sandwiches. Once the work day is over, Dale hops into the shower and cleans himself off. We’ve made this all work really well.”

His sole employee, who wished to remain anonymous, spoke about her boss’ unusual work habits.

“I’m used to it now,” the employee said. “I do have to douse myself in perfume every morning because Dale’s diaper stinks, but whatever. I figured if Dale works in a way that makes him comfortable, I can do my own thing too: I no longer wear a shirt in the office.”

“The reason I’m coming out about my diaper wearing is because the workplace is too damn restrictive,” Burgdorf said. “What up with all the rules? If a man wants to not wear pants and relieve himself in a diaper while he’s at work — who cares? I’m not hurting anybody. I hope my story inspires others to work in a way that makes them feel comfortable.”


Burgdorf’s wife has even caught a little of her husband’s cavalier spirit.

“I no longer wear my wig at work,” she said. “I suffer from female pattern baldness and I’m just letting my big ol’ bald spot shine. I feels great to just be myself.”

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