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This Has To Be The Stupidest Business Ever…

There are a lot of bad business ideas out there; however, this has to be one of the stupidest we’ve ever seen. We reached out to the business owner about her venture and she agreed to a short interview.

First, here is a picture of her recent advertisement on Facebook.


Moron.com: You really draw eyebrows on animals for $5?

Tammy: $5 per eyebrow. However, that’s only for one color. Let’s say you want one eyebrow hot pink and the other bright green — then it’s $10 per eyebrow. The costs goes up because I have to use two different paintbrushes that I have to wash out. Much more work for me.

Moron.com: What kind of paint do you use? Is it safe to the animal?

Tammy: Non-toxic oil paint. Totally safe.

Moron.com: How long do the painted eyebrows last?

Tammy: You know, it depends if the animal is outdoor or indoor and if it’s been raining. But typically 15-30 days.

Moron.com: I saw on your ad that you can give animals different expressions.

Tammy: Yeah, totally. Worried, happy, surprised, angry.

Moron.com: Do you only do eyebrows?

Tammy: For right now, yes. But I’ve been thinking about expanding my business into giving animals racing stripes and racing numbers so they look like cute little racecars! I think NASCAR fans would love it!

Moron.com: How many animals have you painted?

Tammy: I’ve done about 30 cats and 10 dog and 1 turtle! I’m just getting started. I eventually think this will grow to three to five thousand animals per year — a lot of those, of course, will be repeat customers. At that rate, I’ll be able to hire some people to help draw eyebrows.

Moron.com: How do people get ahold of you?

Tammy: I’m in Los Angeles. So shoot me an email. I am willing to travel anywhere in the world — except Africa and the Middle East — if the client pays for my flight, food, lodging and entertainment.

Moron.com: Thanks for talking to us.

Tammy: Thanks for talking to me!





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