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Scientist Plans To Create More Hot Women


Renegade geneticist Frank Anderson told the San Francisco Weekly that attractive women are the most desirable animal on the planet and that we need more of them.


“Most human beings are extremely ugly,” Anderson said. “I’m so sick of looking at them. Hot women make the world so much more pleasant, but they are extremely rare. If the world were 90% attractive women and 10% men, everything would be so much better.”

Anderson said he will soon be able to help mothers, no matter how attractive they are, give birth to attractive female babies who will blossom into “hot women” with a 60% chance of success.

SF Weekly asked him what constitutes a “hot woman” and Anderson responded:

“Perfect symmetry. Beatutiful eyes. Great behind, smooth skin, large full breasts, soft silky hair, senuous lips. A sweet smelling vagina.”

frank-anderso-webAbove: Anderson working in his lab

Anderson won’t reveal the science behind his genetic modifications outside of stating the process requires a series of injections containing “genetic fluids.” The price of the gene therapy is also being kept secret for now.

“Prospective mothers will get behind this,” Anderson said. “Attractive women have more opportunity in life. They can marry rich. Model lingerie. Pose for sexy calendars. Parents want to give their children the best start in life: why not ensure that by making sure they raise extremely attractive women?”

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