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MOUNTAIN VIEW, California – Dale Burgdorf doesn’t enjoy having to leave his desk to use the bathroom. So Burgdorf wears an adult diaper and just does his business right where he sits. He also doesn’t enjoy the restrictive feel of pants — so he doesn’t wear them. Above: Dale Burgdorf

There are a lot of bad business ideas out there; however, this has to be one of the stupidest we’ve ever seen. We reached out to the business owner about her venture and she agreed to a short interview. First, here is a picture of her recent advertisement on Facebook.

Last winter, Bob Smith (not his real name), decided he needed to cut his hand off. He walked into his garage, grabbed a power saw, placed his wrist on a two by four and buzzed the hand off. Doctors attempted to reattach the hand, but there were numerous complications which made the surgery impossible. Bob says he cut off his

LOS ANGELES — While most of the world struggles to afford the basic necessities to live a happy life, some rich clown is building a home he plans to sell for a record-shattering $500,000,0000. Once complete, the house will be 100,000 sq ft. The master bedroom alone will be 5,000 sq. ft. The home

SACRAMENTO, California — Sheryl Anderson, 44, said she wants the State of California to send her Ken Doll to prison for domestic violence. She has owned the Ken doll for two years and claims the male Barbie doll has a severe drug and alcohol problem and frequently “scratches her” when angry. “Ken gets absolutely loaded on Bud Light and marijuana and just

LAS VEGAS — A group of hikers found an unusual discovery yesterday just outside Las Vegas: a man buried to his head in the desert. “We heard a strange howling. We walked to the sound, came over a small crest of a hill and saw this guy buried to his head,” rescuer

FRESNO, California – Jamal Jafreese is becoming a more frequent sighting in Fresno, California. He walks the streets with a ‘jive swagger,’ speaks in Ebonics and tries to make friends with black people. Jafreese recently tried to join a local chapter of The Bloods street gang, according to underground zine, The Street.

So, this looks like a pretty sweet deal….  who doesn’t need a few empty booze bottles filled with gasoline? And the prices are reasonable as well. Notice he’s listed the bottles of gas in the jewelry section. And the condition of the items are listed as like new. Ad: Hi, I gota

PALM BEACH, Florida – The Gontchar family loved the 11 Muscovy ducklings that lived near their home in Wellington, Florida. They fed them daily and uploaded hundreds of photographs to social media websites. “They were a joy in our life,” Laura Gontchar told the Palm Beach Post. “So cute and happy. So full

MADISON, West Virginia – Witnesses told police this week that they pleaded with Boone county resident, Audrey Ranch, 62, to stop hurting her son’s pit bull, but she refused. “Eventually she bit Pedro’s acorns clean off right there in the front yard,” a witness said. “Pedro hightailed it screeching like