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Liquor Bottles Filled With Gas For Sale on Craigslist…

So, this looks like a pretty sweet deal….  who doesn’t need a few empty booze bottles filled with gasoline? And the prices are reasonable as well. Notice he’s listed the bottles of gas in the jewelry section. And the condition of the items are listed as like new.



Hi, I gota bottles of gas for sale… 12 bucks each or two for $40 or you can have all 15 for $799.

I need to get this deal done within the hour cuz I need to go to Orlando.

I can bring the bottles of gas to your house, but I prefer u come to my house. Email me and I’ll give u address. Just walk on in.  There is no door on the house anyway. Lol.

Please contact me ASAP, these bottles bottles wont last. Last batch I had sold out in 3 hours.


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