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CHICAGO – Chicago police were called to a home after a 911 call to find a woman hitting herself in the head with a crowbar. When two officers tried to calm Jenny Peak, 33, she dropped the crowbar and started running her head into a living room wall. Peak then

I guess maybe we could wipe out starvation if we took his advice. But I think most people would rather just go ahead and starve to death.

Pumping your arms full of oil has become a new and quick way to get muscles and become popular in Brazil. One young guy did it and fell into massive pain and had to have his bicep cut open by a doctor and the fluid drained out. It’s unknown if any

Like eating a lot? Hate dieting? Exercise a bother? Now you can pound those 20 Big Macs worry-free thanks to the AspireAssist®. This device literally sucks the food from your stomach before the food is processed into calories. Here’s how it works: You have a permanent hole cut into your

This is called Baby Dynamics Yoga. Lena Fokina, the creator, has been quoted as saying: “‘These yoga movements are designed to improve babies’ muscular abilities and development. And the children often turn out to be early readers, singers, talkers, swimmers. It also makes their hands stronger.” Fokina teaches “Parenting the

A Chinese company, Guangzhou Hongyi Toy Manufacturing, has released a 5′ 9in “Sexy Inflatable Girl Pony” that looks like Rainbow Dash, the popular My Little Pony character, but with enhanced features (see photos). You can buy a horse doll for $599, unless, of course, you want to buy in bulk,

BRADENTON, Florida — Bradenton police say a woman has been charged with photographing herself having sex with a dog. Police discovered Ashley L. Miller, 18, “had explicit photographs of her and a canine stored on her phone,” a news release states. “Mrs. Miller was interviewed and Mrs. Miller confessed that

PORTLAND, Oregon — Joe and Melinda Strawn have been happily married for thirty-two years, but last year Melinda confessed to her husband that she was a lesbian. “I wasn’t always a lesbian,” Melinda told Portland Underground. “I just sorta became slowly attracted to other women. I think the change possibly started when

John Nesmeth is famous for luring in sexual predators by pretending to be under age girls on Craigslist. John, 33, recently posted an ad posing as a naïve and broke Russian model willing to trade services for a place to stay. He was purposely generic about what those services could