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Woman wants husband to get ‘sex change’ because she now likes women

PORTLAND, Oregon —

Joe and Melinda Strawn have been happily married for thirty-two years, but last year Melinda confessed to her husband that she was a lesbian.


“I wasn’t always a lesbian,” Melinda told Portland Underground. “I just sorta became slowly attracted to other women. I think¬†the change¬†possibly started when I began looking at girl on girl websites. I got exposed to some stuff.”

Melinda is still deeply in love with her husband and refuses to leave him, but she feels a daily pull to start dating women.

“I see these young girls in their early¬†twenties and I just want to¬†get with them,” Melinda said. “I love redheads with freckles the most.”

Joe and Melinda were married in the Catholic Church which frowns upon divorce, so she has proposed a work around: sexual reassignment surgery for Joe.

“If he becomes a woman, I could have him wear a red wig… paint some freckles on him,” Melinda said. “And even though he’s old, it would be close to the same type of woman¬†I’m attracted to¬†and I’d still be able to keep my vows and still¬†be able to enjoy his warm and¬†generous personality. He’s the most wonderful listener.”

Melinda¬†claimed there’s nothing in church dogma or the Bible that forbids sexual reassignment or relationships with transgender people, so she has a clear moral¬†conscious.

But what does Joe think?

“I’m still¬†thinking on it,” Joe said. “Not because I don’t want to become a woman, but because¬†we don’t have the money for the operation, unless I take it out of my retirement or borrow it from a bank.”

Joe said he always told his wife he would go to Timbuktu and back for her, so this is simply a chance to prove the lengths he will go to make his wife happy.

“I’m buying lottery tickets every day,” Melinda said about her quest to find money for the operation. “I saw a psychic who helped me pick some lucky¬†numbers. I’m playing them every week. I have a good feeling.”

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