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Anthony Burridge and Sarah Williams bought their 2-year-old daugther, Emily, a “My Little Baby Born Nappy Time” doll from Toys ‘R’ Us as a birthday present. The doll was suppossed to drink and then pee her pants, move her legs a bit and then cry. But this doll had different

James McElvar, 19, of Rewind fell ill after attempting to avoid a $70 luggage charge by wearing all of this clothes on an EasyJet flight. The singer of the boyband collapsed on the plane due to heat exhaustion. McLever, who wore 12 layers of clothing, told The Sun, “I thought

Two Asian black bears mistakenly thought to be “pet dogs” by a local villager for two years in Yunnan Province have been sent to the provincial wildlife rescue center. Wang Kaiyu, a villager in Maguan County, told ChinaNews that he believed the bears were dogs while buying them. He added

CNN reports a man who mocked alligators, then jumped in the water — despite warning signs — is dead after being attacked in Texas. Orange County Police were called to Burkart’s Marina near the Louisiana state line early Friday morning after reports that Tommie Woodward, 28, and an unidentified woman

MELBOURNE BEACH, Fla. WFTV received multiple emails about the photo of a tattooed Florida hipster sitting on top of a sea turtle on Melbourne beach. It is illegal to ‘haze’ protected animals and especially stupid to allow somebody to take photos of you doing so as they’ll obviously end up all over social

MOBILE, Alabama — With gay marriage now legal in all 50 states and rainbow flags (the universal symbol for gay pride) flying all over the country, one man who makes it a point to destroy every rainbow flag and spray paint over rainbow bumper stickers he sees, now wants to

WNDU TV reports that LaPorte, Indiana police arrived at JJ’s Sideout Bar & Grill early Sunday morning after a man refused to leave the premises after not being able to produce identification. Police found Richard Mullins, 41, barefoot and holding his sandals on the sidewalk. Minutes before, bar staff had

This is called Baby Dynamics Yoga. Lena Fokina, the creator, has been quoted as saying: “‘These yoga movements are designed to improve babies’ muscular abilities and development. And the children often turn out to be early readers, singers, talkers, swimmers. It also makes their hands stronger.” Fokina teaches “Parenting the

BOCA RATON, Fla. — Monica Felzer, 35, crashed into the back of another car near State Road 7 Tuesday night. The other driver told Felzer that she hit the car, but Felzer denied it and drove away. The other driver followed her and called police who eventually stopped Felzer. When Felzer

MIMS, Fla. — Police said a man wanted to check if there was a bullet still in the chamber of his gun, so he put it to his head and pulled the trigger. Authorities say 49-year-old Charles Cooper shot himself at 1:50 a.m. Sunday during a weekend fishing trip and