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SEATTLE – A Catholic Priest from Seattle, Washington recently said yoga is a big, fat NO-NO.  The Seattle Daily Inquirer reported Saturday that Msgr. Jay Stevens, a Catholic-ordained exorcist, spoke against yoga during Seattle’s annual YOGA DAY! As people did yoga in the park and along the streets he berated them to halt

GILBERT, Arizona – 32-year-old, Harem Deeb, whose wife recently passed away couldn’t let her go. This is where Harem’s story takes a twisted turn. His wife, Lucy, was born with a heart condition that cut her life short at the young age of 29. Lucy’s last words to Harem were, “We will

LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. — A Kentucky woman’s ironic photo is going viral. Deborah Delane Asher, 37, was arrested and charged with trafficking in a controlled substance, first degree and possession of methamphetamine. The Laurel County Sheriff’s Department posted her mugshot on its Facebook page. In the photo, Asher is wearing