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Fetus Using Mother’s Voice To Speak

PHOENIX, Arizona –

Kendall Gastin claims she often loses control over her voice to the baby inside her. The fetus first took over her voice box when she was 2 weeks pregnant.


“First time the baby spoke through me in its tiny baby voice,” Gastin said. “It said, ‘Mommy, you must have people get me everything I ask for,’ which was, naturally, very strange, but I didn’t want to ignore my baby’s request.”

Over time, Kendall and her baby have cultivated a group of loyal followers who gather at Kendall’s home to hear the baby speak through her.

A short transcript spoken by the baby to its followers:

I am all wisdom. I am your God. I want you to shower me with gifts. I want a Dyson DC40 Bagless Upright Vacuum cleaner, a 2015 Porsche Cayenne, Macy’s gift cards. In return for these items, I will teach you the secrets of the universe. I will bless you with eternal life. I will give you financial abundance.

The baby told its followers that even after it is born it will continue to speak through its mother so long as the followers bring the baby expensive presents.

“When the baby becomes 18 months old it has told me we must leave Arizona and move to Florida,” Kendall said. “It will then email its infinite wisdom to its followers through my finger tips in exchange for earthly money.”

Anybody who wants to hear the baby talk at Gastin’s home can email and get on the attendance list, but an expensive gift is required to attend.

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