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Murder Suspect Tries To Pin Killings On A Monster

WACO, Texas –

Mercy Stayson, representing himself in court, brought a peculiar defense to his murder trial by blaming the violent killings of an elderly couple, John and Melinda Orr, on a monster. Mercy, who lived across the street from the Orr’s, said he saw a hairy, fanged 15 ft monster enter the couple’s home through a window.


“I’m telepathic and could read the monster’s mind,” Stayson said in court. “It was going to kill and eat the Orr’s.”

Stayson said he rushed into action, grabbed an ax and followed the monster into the home where he saw it looming over the couple in their bed.

“I just started axing this monster. I hit it again and again. And again. It tried to fight back, but I was too strong for it.”

Stayson said the wounded monster then grabbed a jewelry box and a DVD player and fled the home.

“I chased it down the road and it dropped the stuff it stole,” Stayson said. “So I picked up the valuables and took them home planning to return the stuff the next day, but I got so busy playing with my dolls I honestly forgot.”

Stayson told the court he was shocked when he learned the Orr’s had been killed.

“They were asleep and unharmed when I left. But what I think happened is the monster came back and killed and ate part of them.”

If found guilty, Stayson could face the death penalty for charges of murder and cannibalism.

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