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Counselor Turning Straight People Into Homosexuals


The Tate Institute was formed by Jim Tate, a gay San Jose, California relationship counselor who wanted to help heterosexuals become homosexuals. The idea was sparked when Jim Tate saw reparative therapy clinics attempting to turn homosexuals straight.


“I saw reparative therapy and thought if they are having so much success… why can’t I do the reverse?” Tate said. “I want to help people become gay first and foremost. But it’s also a good way to make money… I’m doing quite well financially.”

But is there really a market?

“Homosexuality has become so chic that many folks want to hop into the lifestyle. Most of my clients live in San Francisco and also want to fit in better. But for 99% of straight folks it’s hard to cross the line from straight person into full-time homosexual… although women have an easier time being gay with each other.”

Tate said he uses a series of teaching aids from patients watching 3D models performing gay sex acts and then gradually having patients watch live homosexual sex acts and then, the final step, performing them.


“It takes about 12 weeks to turn somebody gay. The last four weeks I want my patients engaging in gay sex daily either with me, a member of my staff, or a fellow patient. Once they complete that last step we consider them gay.”

Tate said so far his private clinic has treated 72 heterosexuals with a 100% conversion rate. For heterosexuals who want to become flamboyantly gay he offers acting classes or refers them to a doctor who can profile hormonal drugs — usually small amounts of estrogen.


Patients stay at Tate’s newly built mansion during the course of the their conversion therapy. The program runs close to $30,000 with food included.

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