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Lesbian using her own father as sperm donor

We were alerted to an interesting Facebook conversation by one of our readers. We reached out to Shelly about her plan to use her father as a sperm donor and she surprisingly agreed to chat.

First, here is the Facebook conversation thread we saw… apparently this is just the latest in an ongoing fight Shelly’s been having with her Facebook friends.


Shelly doesn’t seem to think what she’s planning to do is illegal.

Shelly: It’s only illegal if you only have actual sex with your relative. Nowhere in the law does it say I can’t put my dad’s sperm in me.

Moron.com: Okay, let’s just say that’s true. The reason those laws are in place is to stop inbreeding, which can cause all sorts of birth defects and health problems for the offspring.

Shelly: My dad is the healthiest man I know. I’ve never even had a cold. So, we got good healthy genes that will be passed onto this child. My child will probably live to be a 100 years old.

Moron.com: Why not order sperm or get a live sperm donor?

Shelly: First, I don’t have enough money to buy sperm. It’s like a $1,000 per vial and that’s not even including artificial insemination costs. I work in a grocery store making min. wage. Second, I hate the idea of having sex with some man. I like girls. Men are gross pigs.

And I love my daddy. He’s the greatest man ever. I want my son or daughter to have his traits, not some stranger’s.

Moron.com: So you realize if you’re successful your dad will be the child’s father… and not the grandfather?

Shelly: I’m going to tell my child that his daddy was killed in Vietnam and that my dad is, in fact, his grandfather.

Moron.com: You realize that the Vietnam war ended a long time ago, right? The dates aren’t going to substantiate your story.

Shelly: Whatever. I’ll say Desert Storm then. I’m just going to say his or her father died in the war. Doesn’t matter which one.

Moron.com: Do you have a girlfriend. If so, what does she think about this?

Shelly: I’m single right now. My last girl committed suicide… But that’s another story. I think any girl who loves me won’t judge me like my friends have been. Unconditional love is what I hope for in all my relationships.

Moron.com: What does your mother think?

Shelly: I don’t talk to her.

Moron.com: And your friends are all against this?

Shelly: Mostly. A few think there’s nothing wrong with it, which there isn’t.

Moron.com: Anything else you’d like to add?

Shelly: Don’t judge me for my individual personal choices. This is a free country and we’re all free to do what we want.

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