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4 Reasons Women Should Only Be Allowed To Wear Dresses

Robert Panel feels women should be LEGALLY required to wear dresses. Obviously, there isn’t a lawmaker in the United States who would get behind legislation forcing women to wear dresses, but this is what he wants to see happen anyway.


We talked to Mr. Panel via Skype to discover the reasons why he holds this belief:

1. Women Look Sexy In Dresses

It’s hard to be attracted to a woman who only wears pants. Pants make women look like men. We men want to see some leg. We want the chance of getting a nice panty shot that only a short, sexy dress can provide. When a woman wears pants… we’re robbed of all this. You rarely see women in dresses anymore. This has got to stop!

2. Easier Access

I hate trying to get into a woman’s pants. Pants are tight… zippers often get stuck. If they have button up pants, it can be super frustrating (and take forever) trying to get her pants undone. Plus, if a woman wears tight pants, trying to pull them off works up too much of a sweat.

With a dress, it takes no work. Just reach up under and jackpot! She doesn’t even need to take the dress off if you decide to get busy.

3. Easier To Pee Outside

I love hiking in the mountains, but when I take one of my girlfriends along, I get super annoyed by how long it takes them to run off into the woods, get their pants down and urinate.

If she wore a short dress with no underwear, she could squat and pee on the spot and not slow me down as much. It would take under a minute for her to take a whiz, instead of five.

 4. Because Women Should Obey Men

Women are inferior to men and because of that they should be required to do what we say. So, if I want a woman to always be wearing a dress — then she should have to — without question. I shouldn’t even have to cite my reasons. I’m the man — women just need to obey.

Women need to get back into the kitchens, back to raising babies and stop trying to act like men. Period. This needs to be written into law. That’s all I have to say on this subject.

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