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We stumbled across this madness on Tumblr. We know eating disorders are a problem, but is this really a way to combat them? In an attempt to fight anorexia, one woman is on a mission to persuade social media sites to ban all images of skinny women wearing bikinis and

Everybody has different opinions on abortion and we can respect that, but this superficial hooker put a nose job above her unborn child’s life. Josie Cunningham, 25, is a British wannabe pornstar who had an abortion at 12 weeks after doctors refused to perform a nose job while she was

We all misuse words from time to time, but these fools take it to another level. 1: 2: 3: 4: 5: 6: 7: 8: 9: 10:

Ahhh, Craiglist, you crazy, crazy bastard. You never cease to offer up weirdness. I thought the man trying to find a woman to fart in his mouth was great. This advertisement may be better. Look Ma, no hands!!

MOULTRIE, Georgia — Jared Fournier walked into American Pawn yesterday and tried to pawn an old Sega Genesis for $700 telling the clerk it was “special” and “worth more than just a regular one.” When workers checked the console, they found a bag of crystal meth inside the game cartridge

NORTH CAROLINA — A North Carolina woman said she has now found true happiness after fulfilling a lifelong dream of becoming blind. Jewel Shuping, 30, apparently has something called Body Integrity Identity Disorder which causes able-bodied people to believe they are meant to be disabled. Same sort of thing as

Mary Maley posted this video from Alaska. “Thank you for leaving my kayak alone,” she tells the bear as it looks at her outside a cabin in Berg Bay. “I’m now going to pepper spray you in the face,” Maley says as she pepper proceeds to pepper spray the bear.

Several great Florida Man misadventures this week. We started with the 91-year-old man who shot at landscapers for getting grass on his car. Now we have this one. Jason Tackett, 38, tried suffocating his live-in girlfriend after he caught her reading her ex-boyfriend’s obituary. The couple, who have only been

SANTA MONICA — Saffron Jones is taking a street psychic to court for making “horrible predictions” that she says changed her life forever. Jones found the street psychic, Monica Star, on Santa Monica Pier¬†seven months ago and paid her $3 for what she thought would be a fun and positive

Okay, this is Not Safe For Work. If your boss happens to be walking by and you need a quick out, CLICK HERE. Now, onto these gross lovebirds… at least go into the bushes, you idiots!! It’s BROAD DAYLIGHT. Have some shame!! Children could be watching!!