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Best sexy news blooper compilation featuring innuendo, obscene weather maps, gaffes, and wardrobe malfunctions.

Okay. I guess we should probably label this NSFW-ish, so if your boss is just now walking by… click here and you’re safe. Looking at the photos from this photo shoot, I went from… c’mon, idiot, you don’t have your young son in sexy photos with his mom or ANYONE….

DJ builds up the crowd for a big bass drop and then gives them something different.

If you’re ever feeling bad about yourself, all you have to do is watch this video.

An audience member quietly made his way to the stage during a staging of the hit Broadway play “Hand to God.” As the play was going, he plugged his phone into a dummy electrical outlet on the set and stood watching the play as his phone presumably charged. House staff

Most folks would have just called the police, but this is a funnier way to get a drunk redneck to leave your property.

This dude is wasted at 10 am and goes to the store to buy more beer. He has been deemed the Drunkest Guy Ever… because he is. Music from 2001: A Space Odyssey soundtrack.

TULSA — A man named Tupac Skakur has emerged from hiding with a budding new rap career and a totally different look. “I never died. I just changed myself to hide,” Shakur told Celebtricity. “So many peeps wanted me dead, including the FBI, I had no choice but to do

This is what happens when you let baby squirrels drive.

Alexa from Jacksonville, Florida emailed this to us: I thought you guys would find this funny. My 82-year-old mom and I live in a one-bedroom apartment and share a bunk bed. She’s on the bottom bunk. I’m on the top — so I hear a lot of the crazy ass stuff she says in her sleep.