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Mother Does “Sexy” Photo Shoot with Her Kid

Okay. I guess we should probably label this NSFW-ish, so if your boss is just now walking by… click here and you’re safe.

Looking at the photos from this photo shoot, I went from… c’mon, idiot, you don’t have your young son in sexy photos with his mom or ANYONE…. but I kept looking at her other photos and I went from feeling appalled to perplexed.

1: It starts off normally enough… minus the weird boob tattoos.


2. And then it quickly goes WRONG…


3. And continues to stay wrong. I hope this kid never sees these photos when he gets older. He’ll turn to drugs.


4. Okay, thankfully the child’s gone. But now the photo shoot shifts to bad Christmas outfit yoga pose with the furry pubic area bikini bottoms…??? (notice how filthy the floor is)


5. “Who doesn’t love trashy models sitting on stuffed bear faces?” asked nobody.



6. Is she doing a cat crawling pose over the engine? The only thing missing from this photo is MORE FLASH.


7. Now she’s all greasy and sexy on the floor with the car dudes… Great angle.


8. And finally…


No, not really.

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