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PHOENIX, Arizona – Gastin’s Grocery, located in the Phoenix suburb of Gilbert, has been struggling against grocery giants like Walmart and Albertsons in recent years. With sales down 30% this past year CEO Ryan Gastin knew something critical had to be done. That is when he took a hard look at his employees and noticed most were

OLYMPIA, Washington – The State of Washington will allow a Seattle company, HighVend, to install 700 vending machines throughout the state in 2015-16 that will sell THC-infused soda. Flavors that will be available include: Cola, Orange, Watermelon, Grape, Chocolate, Coffee and Strawberry. The company is working with various fast-food chains to have the machines available right

LOS ANGELES – Inside, it’s a charming cafe done in yellow and pink with off-kilter menu selections like peanut butter banana chocolate waffles, little princess pink lemonade cupcakes and cucumber raisin cinnamon ice cream. However, on the outside, the charm gives way to controversy. The name of the eatery? No Illegals

BOSTON – There has been a huge demand over the years from pet owners to keep puppies and kittens cute and little forever. Sizere Pharmaceuticals of Boston have stepped up to fill that demand. For over ten years researches at the company have been developing a drug that successfully eliminates growth hormones in canines and felines. After

The United States and China are in serious talks to build a 288 lane tunnel from San Francisco to Shanghai. This will be the greatest engineering feat in the history of humankind taking eighteen years to construct and, if approved, opening spring of 2035. “This is a great opportunity for

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona – A newly launched business is helping prospective parents “Try Before They Buy.” Many parents are nervous about having a baby: How much time will it take? Are the sacrifices worth it? Do I even like babies? Rent-A-Baby claims to take out the guesswork. For $5,000, couples get to rent a baby