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RENT-A-BABY Company Started In Arizona


A newly launched business is helping prospective parents “Try Before They Buy.” Many parents are nervous about having a baby: How much time will it take? Are the sacrifices worth it? Do I even like babies?

Rent-A-Baby claims to take out the guesswork.


For $5,000, couples get to rent a baby for up to eight weeks. The couple can renew the lease or the baby is returned and sent to another couple for the same length of time.

RENT-A-BABY works primarily with single mothers looking to make extra money.

“Theses mothers are usually financially struggling,” Brent Gumly, RENT-A-BABY CEO said. “We help them earn some extra cash.”

RENT-A-BABY pays mothers 15% of the rental price, which RENT-A-BABY says is more than fair as they have to pay marketing costs and deal with customers.

Most babies will live with six different couples during their first year. About half the couples decide to have children of their own, the others say, “pass.”

Interestingly, half of all customers are same-sex couples who want to try out a baby before adopting.

“Some of our mothers are afraid the homosexuals will turn their babies gay,” Gumly said. “So we have to do a lot of educating, but to fully alleviate their worries, we have all same-sex couples sign a separate contract saying they promise not to turn the babies gay.”

Single women who can prove they are financially solvent, can also rent a baby. “It works great because you can take the baby during the week and give it back on the weekends when you want to go out with your friends,” said Sandra Gasting of Gilbert, Arizona. “The birth mother becomes like a babysitter.”

The company plans to expand to California next year.

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