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A concerned woman reached out to friends and family on Facebook after she found a disconcerting ‘thing’ on her dog’s belly. I’m sure she went through plenty of time examining the oddity and, when unable to determine what the mysterious and perplexing ‘thing’ was, she pulled back the dog’s fur,

We mostly deal with dumb criminals and social media idiots on our website. But we found this story so damn bizarre we had to share it. Enjoy. 🙂 BELFAIR, Washington — Nancy Hoggert told Big Foot Tracker that she and the infamous bigfoot have been in a sexual relationship since

Pay careful attention to the word she uses to describe the arsonist…

So, yeah, they have speed limits for a good reason as this woman and her boyfriend soon discover. ***WARNING*** It gets a bit graphic. 1) Just out chillin’ with my Bae. Enjoying an afternoon drive. Tee Hee. 2) Hey, let’s kick it up to 180 KM (roughly 112 MPH). This

Drunk man doesn’t get his cheeseburger so he does the next logical thing. Slaps the cashier across the face. I wonder if that helped his cause…

A guy has a special surprise for his girlfriend he caught cheating. He makes her hold a towel over her face as he leads her into the house. Inside their bedroom, he tells her to remove the towel. SURPRISE!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

We were alerted to an interesting Facebook conversation by one of our readers. We reached out to Shelly about her plan to use her father as a sperm donor and she surprisingly agreed to chat. First, here is the Facebook conversation thread we saw… apparently this is just the latest

We all come across ignorance and stupidity daily, but sometimes we find idiocy so baffling that it’s hard to wrap our minds around. That is the case here. A group of friends, I assume, had a little conversation about not giving money to African charities because the African children are

Most folks against homosexuality say it’s a choice instead of an orientation and the “cure” is to just help people make conventional choices. Others think it’s a mental illness that can be cured with something called reparative therapy. Others think it’s caused, at least in men, by having an absent

A woman is looking for her unknown baby’s daddy. So she drew a sketch and posted it on Craigslist hoping the man would see it or that helpful strangers who might see the man will tell him that he has a baby on the way. Have you see this man?