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At first I thought she must be pranking her husband, but no… she’s really this big a of b**ch. But, on the other hand, maybe he should have just remodeled the kitchen with her… either way, this entire scene is a major fail.

Father ties string to kid’s tooth and pulls it out with his bitchin’ Camaro. Smart thinkin’!!!

PORTLAND, Oregon — Joe and Melinda Strawn have been happily married for thirty-two years, but last year Melinda confessed to her husband that she was a lesbian. “I wasn’t always a lesbian,” Melinda told Portland Underground. “I just sorta became slowly attracted to other women. I think the change possibly started when

CHICAGO, Illinois — Jovantay Jackson loves Pit Bull energy drink. He chugs three of four every morning and pounds a couple for lunch. One day, he dropped a can on his kitchen floor, and watched his pit bull, Randy, lap up the energy drink. After that incident, his dog became addicted. “I already trained my pit bull to

TULSA — A man named Tupac Skakur has emerged from hiding with a budding new rap career and a totally different look. “I never died. I just changed myself to hide,” Shakur told Celebtricity. “So many peeps wanted me dead, including the FBI, I had no choice but to do

John Nesmeth is famous for luring in sexual predators by pretending to be under age girls on Craigslist. John, 33, recently posted an ad posing as a naïve and broke Russian model willing to trade services for a place to stay. He was purposely generic about what those services could

SOMERSET, Pa. —  Okay, get this… a Pennsylvania man — who was drunk — set up a drunk-driving checkpoint complete with road flares and pretended he was a State patrolman named Officer Superman. State troopers say Logan Shaulis, 19, diagonally parked his Mazda Miata across state Route 601 and set up road flares about

Last winter, Bob Smith (not his real name), decided he needed to cut his hand off. He walked into his garage, grabbed a power saw, placed his wrist on a two by four and buzzed the hand off. Doctors attempted to reattach the hand, but there were numerous complications which made the surgery impossible. Bob says he cut off his

SACRAMENTO, California — Sheryl Anderson, 44, said she wants the State of California to send her Ken Doll to prison for domestic violence. She has owned the Ken doll for two years and claims the male Barbie doll has a severe drug and alcohol problem and frequently “scratches her” when angry. “Ken gets absolutely loaded on Bud Light and marijuana and just

LAS VEGAS — A group of hikers found an unusual discovery yesterday just outside Las Vegas: a man buried to his head in the desert. “We heard a strange howling. We walked to the sound, came over a small crest of a hill and saw this guy buried to his head,” rescuer