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I was going to add paragraph breaks and punctuation, but instead decided to give you this Facebook status update written exactly how the author intended. Transcription: Ok Facebook I’m saying a lot of things going on about the Confederate flag. I’m going to be the first one to tell you that

I admit, I don’t watch many wedding videos, none actually. But I stumbled upon this pathetic white trash Juggalo wedding video and couldn’t take my eyes off it. You’ll hear Insane Clown Posse playing in the backdrop. You’ll see the couple married in about 60 seconds by a fat man in Juggalo face

I’m sure her inbox was flooded with inquiries. Ad reads: USED LACEY PANTIE THONGS Recently had a lap band and can no longer fit into them, only worn about 12 times each. My washermachine is currently broken so I suggest you rewash them if buying to be safe. I’m asking

Anthony Burridge and Sarah Williams bought their 2-year-old daugther, Emily, a “My Little Baby Born Nappy Time” doll from Toys ‘R’ Us as a birthday present. The doll was suppossed to drink and then pee her pants, move her legs a bit and then cry. But this doll had different

James McElvar, 19, of Rewind fell ill after attempting to avoid a $70 luggage charge by wearing all of this clothes on an EasyJet flight. The singer of the boyband collapsed on the plane due to heat exhaustion. McLever, who wore 12 layers of clothing, told The Sun, “I thought

DJ builds up the crowd for a big bass drop and then gives them something different.

If you’re ever feeling bad about yourself, all you have to do is watch this video.

Lots of Darwin awards being handed out this past week. We have our second reported death by fireworks incident. Police say a Texas mailman died this week after lighting a firework on his chest while partying with friends. Justin Bartek, 30, from Columbus, Texas and some friends were shooting off

Chinese are taking game shows to a whole ‘nother level. WTH??