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Mailman Busted With 75,000 Stolen Netflix DVDs

AUSTIN, Texas –

A 20-year veteran of the U.S. Postal Office, Casey Brown, 44, was arrested Monday morning when federal agents raided his Austin apartment recovering 75,000 stolen Netflix DVDs.


Brown had been pilfering DVDs since Netflix started its once popular home DVD delivery service. Police wouldn’t detail how they caught Brown other than it involved an elaborate surveillance effort including inserting small cameras into Mr. Brown’s mailbag.

Police also discovered that Mr. Brown was operating a ‘bathtub meth lab’ inside his apartment. Bathtub meth lab is simply street slang for a small scale lab.

“Mr. Brown obviously has a drug problem and maybe he was selling the DVDs to support it,” an arresting agent said. “We don’t know yet..”

Mr. Brown did admit to agents that he stole the DVDs ‘because he really likes movies, especially kid’s movies.’

Neighbors were shocked over Brown’s arrest:

“Casey has been our mailman since forever,” a resident of the neighborhood said. “But now I understand why so many of my movies didn’t show up. How could he have possibly stolen 75,000? It’s mindboggling. And terrifying.”

“How could he have done this?” another resident questioned. “We were friends. We even briefly dated in the late-nineties. I feel betrayed.”

Brown faces multiple felony charges.

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