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At first I thought she must be pranking her husband, but no… she’s really this big a of b**ch. But, on the other hand, maybe he should have just remodeled the kitchen with her… either way, this entire scene is a major fail.

PORTLAND, Oregon — Joe and Melinda Strawn have been happily married for thirty-two years, but last year Melinda confessed to her husband that she was a lesbian. “I wasn’t always a lesbian,” Melinda told Portland Underground. “I just sorta became slowly attracted to other women. I think the change possibly started when

CHICAGO, Illinois — Jovantay Jackson loves Pit Bull energy drink. He chugs three of four every morning and pounds a couple for lunch. One day, he dropped a can on his kitchen floor, and watched his pit bull, Randy, lap up the energy drink. After that incident, his dog became addicted. “I already trained my pit bull to

NORMAN, Oklahoma – Gene Bibles dropped out of Norman High School in 1951 because he could not stand learning. “There’s something about trying to learn stuff that is just unappealing to me,” Bibles told Saturday Magazine. “It gives me nosebleeds.” Gene also knew he never wanted to work. “I find work unpleasant,” Bibles said.

So, this looks like a pretty sweet deal….  who doesn’t need a few empty booze bottles filled with gasoline? And the prices are reasonable as well. Notice he’s listed the bottles of gas in the jewelry section. And the condition of the items are listed as like new. Ad: Hi, I gota

BOISE, Idaho – Brad Burns was playing in Veterans Memorial Park with his two Chihuahuas when he witnessed a man dressed in a ‘meat suit’ attack another man eating a hamburger. “I saw the meat man run at the guy full force and knock him off the picnic table,” Burns said. “My first instinct was to run because I

This is a transcribed letter that was found bobbing in a wine bottle in Lake Butler (Florida) by a snorkeler. DEAR MERMAID: I have loved you since the day I caught you fishing. I’m still sorry for making your lip bleed with the hook and hope it healed well — no scars!! But I  You realize this is and readers will probably think you’re a moron, right? Unique: Yeah. Your name is really Unique? Unique: Yeah. That’s unique. Unique: Never heard that one before. Hardy har har. Why did you have sex with a Cabbage Patch Kid? Unique: I

Dude gets caught walking through the wrong hood and is forced to take off his slippers.

AUSTIN, Texas – Top Right News reported a Texas man, unable to work because of his pregnancy, successfully applied for and received public assistance. He is allegedly earning $3,500 per month plus food subsidies and free medical services. Adam Smith, 42, seems to have been the lucky recipient of poor bureaucratic oversight, a clerical error or extremely lax standards. Texas officials have yet to