A Chinese company, Guangzhou Hongyi Toy Manufacturing, has released a 5′ 9in “Sexy Inflatable Girl Pony” that looks like Rainbow Dash, the popular My Little Pony character, but with enhanced features (see photos). You can buy a horse doll for $599, unless, of course, you want to buy in bulk,

BRADENTON, Florida — Bradenton police say a woman has been charged with photographing herself having sex with a dog. Police discovered Ashley L. Miller, 18, “had explicit photographs of her and a canine stored on her phone,” a news release states. “Mrs. Miller was interviewed and Mrs. Miller confessed that

At first I thought she must be pranking her husband, but no… she’s really this big a of b**ch. But, on the other hand, maybe he should have just remodeled the kitchen with her… either way, this entire scene is a major fail.

ACWORTH, Georgia — The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that a Georgia man, Anthony Gerald Dunton, was arrested on four felony charges of aggravated assault for putting Roundup weed killer in his co-workers’s water bottle on several occasions. Dunton’s co-worker noticed that his water “tasted funky and had a strange foam on

Father ties string to kid’s tooth and pulls it out with his bitchin’ Camaro. Smart thinkin’!!!

Naked woman walked into a Florida McDonald’s, destroyed part of the kitchen, and then had a little ice cream.

PORTLAND, Oregon — Joe and Melinda Strawn have been happily married for thirty-two years, but last year Melinda confessed to her husband that she was a lesbian. “I wasn’t always a lesbian,” Melinda told Portland Underground. “I just sorta became slowly attracted to other women. I think the change possibly started when

FLORIDA – Florida Man, Eduardo Raoul Garcia, 44, was camping in a Florida park when he dialed 911 to report a harassing call he had received, a police report said. The 911 operator said Garcia alleged he had been been receiving harassing phone calls from “a homosexual” who wanted to

CHICAGO, Illinois — Jovantay Jackson loves Pit Bull energy drink. He chugs three of four every morning and pounds a couple for lunch. One day, he dropped a can on his kitchen floor, and watched his pit bull, Randy, lap up the energy drink. After that incident, his dog became addicted. “I already trained my pit bull to

TULSA — A man named Tupac Skakur has emerged from hiding with a budding new rap career and a totally different look. “I never died. I just changed myself to hide,” Shakur told Celebtricity. “So many peeps wanted me dead, including the FBI, I had no choice but to do