James McElvar, 19, of Rewind fell ill after attempting to avoid a $70 luggage charge by wearing all of this clothes on an EasyJet flight. The singer of the boyband collapsed on the plane due to heat exhaustion. McLever, who wore 12 layers of clothing, told The Sun, “I thought

MADISON — Brian Dutcher, who was arrested by the Secret Service for making written and verbal threats to kill President Barack Obama during his visit to La Crosse last week, planned to carry out the assassination with slingshot, a federal agent testified Thursday at a court hearing. Dutcher, 55, of

DJ builds up the crowd for a big bass drop and then gives them something different.

If you’re ever feeling bad about yourself, all you have to do is watch this video.

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – A Daytona Beach man, Ronald Lynn, 52, was arrested Tuesday morning telling police he had an “addiction to liking kids.” Lynn admitted he had downloaded child pornography on many occasions and shared photos and videos with other pedophiles on peer-to-peer file sharing programs. Police seized computers, DVDs,

A private school principal in Pennsylvania is facing charges for allegedly groping and hugging a male student in the school’s bathroom. NBC-10 reports that George James Symonds, 62, principal of the Concept School in Chester County, faces charges of corruption of minors, endangering the welfare of children and two counts

Lots of Darwin awards being handed out this past week. We have our second reported death by fireworks incident. Police say a Texas mailman died this week after lighting a firework on his chest while partying with friends. Justin Bartek, 30, from Columbus, Texas and some friends were shooting off

Chinese are taking game shows to a whole ‘nother level. WTH??

Two Asian black bears mistakenly thought to be “pet dogs” by a local villager for two years in Yunnan Province have been sent to the provincial wildlife rescue center. Wang Kaiyu, a villager in Maguan County, told ChinaNews that he believed the bears were dogs while buying them. He added