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CHICAGO – Chicago police were called to a home after a 911 call to find a woman hitting herself in the head with a crowbar. When two officers tried to calm Jenny Peak, 33, she dropped the crowbar and started running her head into a living room wall. Peak then

AUGUSTA, Georgia — A Georgia woman, Tabithia Lee Grooms, 35, attacked her live-in boyfriend and her 66-year-old mother after her boyfriend refused to have sex with her earlier in the day, a Richmond County Sheriff’s report said. Upset over getting no action, Grooms went out drinking and when she came

WNDU TV reports that LaPorte, Indiana police arrived at JJ’s Sideout Bar & Grill early Sunday morning after a man refused to leave the premises after not being able to produce identification. Police found Richard Mullins, 41, barefoot and holding his sandals on the sidewalk. Minutes before, bar staff had

BOCA RATON, Fla. — Monica Felzer, 35, crashed into the back of another car near State Road 7 Tuesday night. The other driver told Felzer that she hit the car, but Felzer denied it and drove away. The other driver followed her and called police who eventually stopped Felzer. When Felzer

SPOKANE, WA — The Spokesman-Reviews reported Thomas Kammers, 42, is being held in the Spokane County Jail on a $5,000 bond after he was pulled over Monday afternoon near North Stevens Street and West Houston Avenue. Kammers 1992 Honda was observed traveling on a completely flat tire with expired license

BRADENTON, Florida — Bradenton police say a woman has been charged with photographing herself having sex with a dog. Police discovered Ashley L. Miller, 18, “had explicit photographs of her and a canine stored on her phone,” a news release states. “Mrs. Miller was interviewed and Mrs. Miller confessed that

ACWORTH, Georgia — The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that a Georgia man, Anthony Gerald Dunton, was arrested on four felony charges of aggravated assault for putting Roundup weed killer in his co-workers’s water bottle on several occasions. Dunton’s co-worker noticed that his water “tasted funky and had a strange foam on

Naked woman walked into a Florida McDonald’s, destroyed part of the kitchen, and then had a little ice cream.

FLORIDA – Florida Man, Eduardo Raoul Garcia, 44, was camping in a Florida park when he dialed 911 to report a harassing call he had received, a police report said. The 911 operator said Garcia alleged he had been been receiving harassing phone calls from “a homosexual” who wanted to

LEE COUNTY, Fla. — A Florida Man, 44, was arrested after he was busted on surveillance video bumping into the back of a patrol car and ‘boogie dancing’ on the SUV’s roof while Hall & Oates’ “Rich Girl” and Supertramp’s “Goodbye Stranger” blasted from his car. According to a police